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The UN and Money Laundering

Leading the Way Towards a New International Financial Prosecution System

The process of globalization, together with the development of new technological tools and the decentralization of power within states, has opened up spaces for advanced forms of transnational cooperation. This phenomenon has led to an expansion of non-governmental and international organizations around the world. However, it has also led to unintended consequences, creating new spaces for the surge of transnational criminal organizations. A particular form of criminal activity that has expanded with the growth of transnational organized crime and the liberalization of financial markets is money laundering. This paper proposes that the United Nations should reform its current judicial composition and plug the legal gap in effectively pursuing international money laundering by establishing an international financial prosecution system. It suggests that a dedicated court should be created to prosecute crimes related to money laundering. The foundations of the court will be rooted in a money laundering statute that will introduce and define money laundering within the international criminal law system.

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Marco Quille (2023), The UN and Money Laundering: Leading the Way Towards a New International Financial Prosecution System, International Counter-Terrorism Review.