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Senior Membership


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The senior membership is for senior experts and professionals with 7+ years of experience in the realm of international security affairs.


By joining NextGen 5.0, you will have the unique opportunity to access a vibrant community of emerging researchers and talented young professionals from a variety of security-related fields, contribute your views to the policy-making process, participate in informed and balanced debates on security affairs, and obtain insights into the world's greatest challenges.


Free access to an international and dynamic community of young security studies researchers

Bi-monthly newsletter with exclusive offers


Access to our members-only Linkedin group


Opportunity to participate in our researcher matching program


Priority consideration for publishing opportunities on our website

Targeted professional development programs


Opportunity to apply for research funding and grants


Opportunity to assemble your own research team

Rapid-response professional support from the NextGen 5.0 Board of Directors


Access to a pool of young researchers interested in collaborating on research projects


Opportunity to find a pool of talented and passionate young alumni for future recruitment


Opportunity to mentor brilliant young researchers and assist with their career development

Ability to add your professional profile to the ICTYN’s global directory

Access to our job-link program

Eligibility for #NextGenSpotlight in our bi-monthly newsletter

Access to professionals and academic experts for research advice and career consultancy


Significant discounts to NextGen 5.0 and partner organization events and courses


Opportunity to participate in our fellowship program


Priority consideration for research positions within Next-Gen 5.0 and partner organizations


Chance to present and promote your work within our community


Ability to contact experts and stakeholders to review the application of your work


Access to fresh perspectives and innovative ideas from young researchers associated with your professional expertise


Consideration as panelists at appropriate events

How To Apply

To join, please choose the appropriate membership type and complete the online form. Please note:

  • ​To qualify for the senior membership you must be a senior professional with more than 7 years of experience in the realm of international security affairs.

  • The election process takes a maximum of two weeks and applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 

  • If you are already a member and you refer a friend, you can benefit from reduced rates on your own membership.

  • Individuals are recognised as members in a personal capacity and not as representatives of any organization. Accordingly, NextGen 5.0 will not discuss an individual’s membership with any third-party organization. Payment of the subscription is the responsibility of the named individual.

  • To become a member, all mandatory fields on the form must be completed, and you must pay the annual membership subscription amount (where applicable) at the time of application.

  • During the application process, all members must complete a short personal statement of approximately 150 – 250 words.

  • The Board of Directors has absolute discretion regarding the selection of members.

  • Successful applicants will have access to their membership benefits once they have been formally accepted as members. Early access to benefits will be given at the discretion of the Board of Directors, upon request.

  • If an applicant is not accepted for membership he/she will receive a full refund of the amount submitted.

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