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Please take the time to read and follow the guidelines below as closely as possible, as doing so will ensure your paper matches the journal’s requirements. 

About ICTR
  • How can I become a member of ICTYN?
    The ICTYN Individual membership application consists of four steps: Choose which membership type benefits suit your needs best; Select the membership level that best suits you; Fill out the online form; If your application succeeded, complete the online registration to our website.
  • Who is eligible for ICTYN membership?
    Membership is open to all individuals who are conducting research, studying, teaching or working in any of the three thematic areas of terrorism and counter-terrorism, international and homeland security, radicalization and violent extremism. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Information supplied will only be visible to ICTYN members and key project partners.
  • Which are the selection criteria?
    ICTYN seeks quality, diversity, and balance in its membership. Criteria for membership include intellectual achievement and expertise; degree of experience, interest and current involvement in counter-terrorism, security and defence amongst others; promise of future achievement; potential contributions to ICTYN’s mission; desire and ability to participate in ICTYN research projects; and standing among peers.
  • Which are your membership options?
    We offer three types of membership: Standard, Ambassador and Staff. ICTYN Ambassadors act as promoters of the network's activities, helping us to expand our presence on social media and find new people interested in joining our community. ICTYN Staff, instead, are those members who actively collaborate with us in research and/or providing administrative/technical support. Please note that you can upgrade your memberships at any time.

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