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Betania Allo is a lawyer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Master in International Relations at Harvard University (2020), from where she also holds a Graduate Certificate in International Security. She is a Professional Specialist in Terrorism and Cyberterrorism from the Technological University of Argentina (UTN) and holds several postgraduate diplomas in Foreign Relations and Diplomacy. She is a blockchain enthusiast, an advocate of gender mainstreaming in public policy, and an expert in the facilitation and generation of bridges with strategic actors and cross-sector collaboration.

Betania is currently completing an LL.M. (Master of Laws) at Syracuse University College of Law, with a focus on National Security, Counterterrorism, and Cybersecurity Law, and working as a Research Assistant at the Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism (INSCT). She is passionate about international politics and how world religions influence the international arena. Consequently, she is a faculty member for the 'Religion, Conflict, and Peace in Contemporary Global Affairs' HarvardX course as part of the Religion Literacy Project at Harvard Divinity School. Betania is also a researcher and faculty aide in Islamic Law and Finance at Harvard University.

She loves traveling and experiencing new cultures. After living two years in New York City, she worked at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Vienna, Austria.

She's also a World Youth Academy Alumni, and a Global Competitiveness Leadership Program Finalist at Georgetown University.

Following her interest in technology, she founded a growing online community, 'Geek Lawtinas,' to connect female legal professionals with a Latinx background who are interested in Law & Tech. The platform provides support to empower and inspire them by bridging the gap between tech and the law and promoting innovation in the legal industry. Betania is also a co-founder in OpenContracts and OpenIuris, two Legal Tech startups that provide blockchain-based and other technological solutions in legal services.



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